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Subversion Source Control

Brian Takita
Authors:Brian Takita
Posted on:September 18, 2004

I really like Subversion because is it is fast, lightweight, and, when coupled with Tortoise, easy to use, administer, and set up.

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I am very impressed with Subversion Source Control.

I've used Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Vault SCM, CVS SCM but none of them matched my needs.

I like Subversion because it is fast, lightweight, and, when coupled with Tortoise SVN, easy to use, administer, and set up. Commits are as easy as going to Windows Explorer, select the folders and files to commit > right click > select Commit. I dont need to integrate the source control with Visual Studio, and suffer the performance hit and a more complicated development environment.

Branching, merging, rollbacks, and conflict resolution are easy. Subversion makes source control fun, rather than a chore like the other tools I used before.

Now, I'm version controlling items that I edit, including my blog posts and articles.

Subversion can be run on a desktop, file share, or as a web service. The web service interface for Subversion can be run off of its own svn server or Apache. If you use the svn server on a Windows server, you may want to consider using SVNService to register the svn server as a Service.