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My new personal site

Brian Takita
Authors:Brian Takita
Posted on:October 17, 2023

How I built my new site, using Astrojs, Solidjs, ctx-core, Nanostores, Tailwind.

I'm excited to launch my new site The Typescript/Javascript ecosystem has made important advancement over the past few years to support development from small scale to large scale websites & applications.

This site is forked from AstroPaper theme. I made some modifications & will go through them in this post.

This is a static site is a monorepo built with:

It is deployed to Vercel.


For simplicity & ease of distribution, most Astro Themes are built in a single repository. I broke up the project into monorepo, where the libraries & apps are broken into separate git repos. This provides structure to where the code is deployed to & how it's used while enabling code re-use for other projects.

The git repos include:

Tech Stack

Solidjs provides benefits over other isomorphic component frameworks (e.g. React):

Full-stack global state management with ctx-core & nanostores

ctx-core with nanostores enables libraries & apps to easily share state management[2].

[1]: © Ryan Carniato

[2]: How I ended up using ctx-core & nanostores…