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Monorepo Static Sites using Svelte JS, Rollup, ctx-core, & Bash

Brian Takita
Authors:Brian Takita
Posted on:June 7, 2017

Building my old site using sveltejs, rollupjs, ctx-core, bash (now is now built using a technology chain consisting of sveltejs, RollupJS, ctx-core, & good ol' Bash.

You can see the source in the repo.

I wanted a static site generator that felt like building a custom app, with a Domain Driven Design, approachable custom build scripts, & isomorphic javascript.

This site was build using existing solutions such as Jekyll, Wintersmith, & Metalsmith. When using each of these libraries, I felt the desire to strip away the non-essential code & to have things done my way.

Some of my essential features include:

  • a development server with watch/build scripts
  • generate static html files to serve from
  • isomorphic javascript

With these techs, the following is possible:

  • static file builds
  • server side rendering
  • client side rendering

This means the entire html page can be rendered using svelte on the server (or static file) & svelte on the client side (for dynamic components). This means there's no need for other rendering libraries like pug. Only svelte & raw html strings are needed to gain all of the features of dynamic isomorphic components!

With this retooling, I will begin working on components to enhance the experience of authoring & reading meaning-dense information.

Stay tuned…