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Log 2023-10-29

Brian Takita
Authors:Brian Takita
Posted on:October 29, 2023

CMS exploration: Strapi, GrapeJS, CodeMirror, Astrojs, Vite, Vercel,

Content Management System

Looking at some tools to rapidly create CMS backed sites for artists, bloggers, etc.


Strapi seems like the best option for the headless CRM. I features:

  • a flexible model to create content & apis
  • supporting multiple databases to store content
  • a ui to edit content


A No Code website builder. It features:

  • full site design
  • a nice ui that supports components
  • responsive design
  • vanilla js
  • Codemirror editors


A Rich Text Editor. It features:

  • an extensible api
  • good docs
  • modular design


A MPA web app library. It features:


A cloud host on aws

An edge-computing cloud service that runs Docker images.


I will start working with GrapeJS & integrating it with Strapi in an Astrojs app. Editable content will be saved in Strapi using SQLite. When an edit is published, the Astrojs app is rebuilt with the new content & site is then republished as a Jamstack on Vercel. I may also just use dynamic api requests to Strapi, using sqlite on