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DIY SEO with

Brian Takita
Authors:Brian Takita
Posted on:September 5, 2013

Personal SEO branding with

The wonderful web makes it easy for someone to publish their thoughts and opinions, good and bad, true and false. If you find yourself at the wrong end of a post that shows up in your Google results, the implications can be very damaging. It ceases to be a matter of truth, but a matter of marketing.

Fortunately, you can take control over your name on the web, without having to spend thousands of dollars that online reputation repair firms charge. makes it easy to inexpensively control your SEO destiny. Here is my profile.

Their free plan has a limitation of setting up three links for the free plan, so I bought their "Premium Membership" giving me unlimited links for $9 every 3 months. This should give me an initial bump. Since I just acquired (my now defunct site) I can transfer the links to my blog after the 3 months.

Now I sit back and wait for Google to index the results :-)